Overworked, Overdressed and Underslept.

As much as people might say being ambitious is a good thing, some times I'm just a little too much. I set myself so many goals and then I become waaaaayyy too over worked and wonder why I am constantly shattered. Ambitious? Someone give me a fucking chill pill please. On my latest expedition of … Continue reading Overworked, Overdressed and Underslept.


An Interview With whenyoung

‘Up-and-coming’ isn’t something that should be simply thrown around. The term of course connotes that a band is doing well and will stick around, which sadly, many do not. However, when it comes to whenyoung, it is easy to say with confidence that this band will come of big things.  I was lucky enough to … Continue reading An Interview With whenyoung

Can I pack up my life and become an unredeemable hippy?

Not to be an arsehole here, but we genuinely are so strung up with our institutions and systems that it's fucking bleak. Day in day out we go to work, little programmed robots working our arses off for what? The Bourgeoisie - that's who. From the day we begin school, we are systematically programmed to … Continue reading Can I pack up my life and become an unredeemable hippy?